03.18 | daily spread

working on not working on things too much. it’s easy to get wrapped up in the idea of continuous self-improvement, but part of self-care is learning when to sit back and enjoy all the good you’re already surrounded by. trying to pick my battles and be okay when things don’t turn out exactly the way i think they should. because all in all, everything is pretty fucking good right now.


ace of swords

the suit of swords represents intelligence and reason and can represent a new idea or thought. the sword is double edged and both sides can be seen clearly. the situation as a whole can be objectively viewed without distraction or confusion. there is clarity here and sureness in decision making. the sword cuts through any confusion and clears a path for rational thought so that the right decision becomes clear. communication is clear and to the point. but such frankness should be used with caution as words and raw honesty can sometimes be painful or damaging. seeing both sides and knowing the true nature of situation comes with responsibility. the sword can represent conflict or pain and there is a responsibility to not use the sword of communication to help and not hurt. but stand your ground and keep the truth and facts on your side. 

what is tarot to me?

i believe that we all have an unconscious commentary that is constantly running in our heads. the human experience is a messy, contradictory journey and we are constantly being forced to reshape the way we think about things. i think that tarot can be used as a way to sift through the layers of conscious and unconscious thought so that we can form a clearer picture of how we think about situations and relationships. i think it can be used to step outside of a situation or turn it around to see it from another angle so that all possibilities can be uncovered and decisions can be made that are grounded in how we really feel. i don’t believe in predestination or “fate,” and i don’t believe that the cards hold any divine truth. i think that we see ourselves in them and we interpret them in anyway that we need. i think that learning to view and interpret them in the context of who we are can help better understand our true selves. it can allow us to disconnect from our thinking selves and tap into our inherent intuition. it can reveal paths to thoughts and feelings that we otherwise do not allow to surface and by allowing these to surface, we can incorporate them into our lives so that we can live a more full and fulfilling experience.